Community Groups

January 16, 2019


Chapel Hill | 6:30pm
Leader: Mike (Laura) Hudson

Cobblestone Park | 7:00pm
Leader: Nick (Whitney) Janney

Fairlawn | 6:30pm
Leader: Lakshman (Diane) Negi

Good Park | 7:30pm
Leader: Adam (Jessica) Horsfall

Highland Square | 7:00pm
Leader: Braden (Sarah) Gogel

Merriman Valley | 6:30pm
Leader: John (Angie) Hogan

1st & 3rd Wednesdays | 6:00pm
Leader: Bert (Karen) Turner

Sand Run | 6:30pm
Leader: Sean (Candice) Hudson

Stow | 7:00pm
Leader: Joe (Debbie) Hickin

Wallhaven | 7:30pm
Leader: Jacob (Kathy) Wilson

Want to join a community group? Contact the church office by email or by phone (330.665.5500) for more information.

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