How do you get involved?

Thank you for wanting to become more involved in the life and ministry of Covenant of Grace Church. There are lots of ways  you can be involved, but here are a few highlights for you:

  • Membership Class: Our members class will provide an introduction to our church’s beliefs and life. It’s a great way to connect with some of our leaders, get your questions answered, and determine if this is where God wants you to be. To find out about the next class, contact the church office by [ email ] or by calling the church office at 330-665-5500.
  • Service Opportunities: If you want to find a place to serve, just let us know by contacting the church office by [ email ]  or calling us at 330-665-5500. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to serve immediately, it will help to know your desires. Thanks again for wanting to use your gifts to serve others for God’s glory.