Sharing the Gospel

We believe sharing the gospel (“good news”) of Jesus Christ is the responsibility and privilege of every believer. In fact, it’s the natural outflow of the gospel, that we who have been transformed by it would want to testify of it. And when we do, we give all who hear us the glorious opportunity that was afforded to us: to be forgiven and accepted before a holy God.

Personal Evangelism

The primary means by which our church is involved in outreach and evangelism is by the personal witness of our daily lives. At Covenant of Grace, our ordinary people are our evangelists and are encouraged to witness personally throughout the week both in word and deed of the Savior.

Church Outreaches

We host various community events throughout the year, creating opportunities for our church to demonstrate the love of Christ as we get to know our neighborhood through BBQs, fun festivals, women’s teas and vacation Bible schools. We’re always looking for new ways to share the gospel throughout the greater Akron area.

Church Planting & International Missions

Being part of the family of churches known as Sovereign Grace Churches means we’re able to partner in planting churches around the world. A portion of each Sunday’s offering goes to support this global ministry. Other mission offerings are also taken each year along with the encouragement of the church family to join short term mission teams to various foreign fields.