Start of Exodus Sermon Series


Last Sunday (October 11), our latest sermon series began. For the foreseeable future, we will be journeying together through Exodus. The series is entitled Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory. As Pastor Jace Hudson got us started with Sunday’s sermon, he suggested four reasons to study this particular book of the Bible:

  1. To better understand God.
  2. To better understand Jesus.
  3. To better understand our salvation.
  4. To better understand how we are to live as God’s people in this world.

We are eager for the Lord to do his good work in our souls as we sit under the preaching of his word in Exodus! Overall and essentially, Exodus is a story of God saving a people out of slavery for his glory. This ought to be a good and rich study!

In this first sermon, entitled God’s Promises and Purposes Endure, Exodus 1 was covered and was shown to encourage us that God is faithful to keep his promises and advance his purposes even in our darkest hour. Because of this good news, we can:

  1. Keep faith in God’s presence and activity no matter how absent he appears to be.
  2. Step in to others’ darkness as lights of compassion and hope.

To listen to the full sermon, click [ here ]. You can find more information on this sermon series [ here ].