2020–2021: Fearless

If we’re honest, every one of us is afraid. Some fears are small and kind of silly to admit and others can be real and deep and even paralyzing.    

So for the first half of our 2020-2021 Parent/Youth Ministry season our theme will be FEARLESS.

We’ll face fear head on, being direct about what scares us, but more amazed about the way God cares for us.    

So, join us for the 2nd Saturday @ 7:00pm during the months of August through December.


August 15th, 2020
Tower of Safety – Prov. 18:10 — Pat Tumino


September 12th, 2020
Do Not Be Afraid – Mark 6:45-52 — Pat Tumino


October 10th, 2020
Do Not Fear – Luke 12:4-7 — Pat Tumino


November 14th, 2020
Fearless Faith – Gen 15:1-21 — Jacob Wilson


 January 9, 2021
Relationships – Cautious Love – Prov. 14:15-16 Pat Tumino