Love as Strong as Death: A Study of the Song of Songs

A part of the calling of the Christian life is to mature and equip disciples for God’s kingdom work (Matthew 28:18-20, Ephesians 4:11-13). “Love as Strong as Death” launches a series of discipleship classes for Covenant of Grace Church aligned toward that vision. Through this study of the “Song of Solomon,” disciples are challenged to grow in their understanding of singleness, dating, marriage, sexuality, and God’s divine love for mankind.

  1. Introduction & Invitation  (1:1-4)
  2. Love and Attraction (1:2-2:7)
  3. Love and Pursuit (2:8-3:5)
  4. Love and Marriage (3:6-5:1)
  5. Love and Sex (5:1)
  6. Love and Conflict (5:2-6:3)
  7. Love and Romance (6:4-8:4)
  8. Love and Commitment (8:5-14)


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