Update 4/17/2020

The White House Coronavirus Task Force has produced next steps for returning to “normal” life. Governor DeWine has said the plan is for Ohio to begin Phase One as of May 1st.

Based on our current understanding of the process we do not anticipate returning to regular Sunday services until somewhat after the May 10th target originally given by the CDC.

We will continue to monitor the progress of efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19 and bring more clarity as to when we can meet together again. Please see below.

Summary from the Task Force*

Under Phase One of reopening:

  • Employers should continue remote working and to close common areas and “enforce strict social distancing protocol.”
  • Restaurants, places of worship, gyms and movie theatres can reopen with physical distancing measures enforced. Bars should remain closed.
  • Doctors can resume elective surgeries.
  • Schools that have closed should remain closed, and hospitals and senior living facilities should remain off limits to visitors.

States without a spike in cases through Phase One can move to

Phase Two:

  • Schools, restaurants, bars and gyms to reopen with a smaller occupancy limit.
  • Non-essential travel can resume
  • People can gather in groups no larger than 50 people, but employers should encourage remote working.

Without any “rebound” in virus activity during Phase Two, states can move to

Phase Three:

  • Visits to hospitals and senior living facilities can resume.
  • Large venues can remain open but with strict physical distancing guidelines in place.

Click the link below for the full report:

Recommendations from White House Coronavirus Task Force

* Taken from an article in the Independent